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To deliver a project, such as a brand (re)-design, website design, or a go-to-market strategy. Be A Legend will always suggest undertaking a ‘Discovery Phase’ before jumping into any design or marketing work.

So, what actually is a Discovery Phase? What happens during Discovery and why does your project need a Discovery Phase?

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

The ‘Discovery Phase’ is key at the start of any creative process within Be A Legend. In case you’ve never conducted a discovery phase before, below we will briefly explain which discovery modules we have to offer.


“Discovery Phase” modules 

First, you’ll discover which brand archetypes best resonates with your brand identity and personal identity. As they support you on your journey formulating your own unique story worth telling. Second we will try to capture your customer profiles and customer journeys. Last but not least we will advise you to undertake a market research and a competitor research. 

The entire Discovery phase sets the foundation for a successful project. During this phase, you will start to uncover your client’s needs, challenges, and desired results. Which helps to better define your Brand Identity. And eventually could lead to an insightful and strategical marketing plan. 

Together we will define your brand personality. And provide purpose and direction to the company team. Which helps you better align all members around one shared vision. 





It’s important to choose the right brand archetype for your business. There are 12 archetypes in total. Before you can use an archetype to define your brand, you first need a good understanding of what your brand is, who your target market is and how your customers and prospects feel and think about your company and its products.





Creating customer profiles of the people you are looking to sell to is key to a successful marketing strategy. Customer profiles are often referred to as buyer personas or user profiles. They all mean the same thing. A single document that lists key demographics, interests and behaviors of your target customers. 





A customer journey is like a roadmap detailing how a customer becomes aware of your brand, their interactions with your brand and beyond. Getting to know the customer journey is about nurturing the customer experience. Instead of looking at just one part of a customer touchpoint, the customer journey documents the full experience and touchpoints of being a customer 





Market research can take many different forms, including monitoring social media, gathering customer feedback, product testing, following industry news and competitors. Market research helps to keep your offerings and marketing messaging in line with customer sentiment.





Competitor research is not just simply a way to get one up on a competitor, it’s a way to discover, learn and grow.
It can show new ways to serve your customers. Competitor research allows you to use data to spot new opportunities. Get inspired but never copy. Research shows you the exact content you need to be producing and it helps you seize new opportunities to win customers.

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