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Businesses need a plan, just like ordinary people do. In the long run, that plan is called a strategy. Marketing Strategy is vital for any business or company that sells services and products.

Now, what is a Marketing Strategy? Roughcast a couple of ideas and a website is not a strategy. A marketing strategy is a long-term, forward looking plan to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. 


“Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.”
-Rudy Giuliani-

So, why do you need a marketing strategy? And what benefits can you get from creating an efficient one? Let us first explain to you the difference between Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans.


Strategy stands. Tactics change.

A marketing strategy is the “way” you will achieve the goals set forth by your company. And a marketing plan is the mix of ideas, systems and events that you will execute to bring your company vision to life. Even though your strategy is set, you can still change your marketing tactics even on a daily base if you prefer.

long term and short term

In the long term, you will have your set strategy. And your tactical plans are focused on short term activities. Which leads to reaching your long term end goal. In developing successful marketing plans, you must decide which one of several market positions your company will take. The options are to be a market leader, market challenger, market follower or a market niche.

Our five Strategy modules

Be A Legend offers five strategy modules that you can pick and mix. Check out below which modules we offer and if you’re ready to work on your strategy we invite you to leave us a message below or just give us a call: +31(0)70 743 14 13.





A marketing plan helps you strategise.
It helps you formalise ideas and it helps you to stay focused. It gets you used to work to timescales and can even help you get financing. A Marketing Plan aligns marketing objectives with business strategy. Last but not least it helps you develop an enviable public persona.




Communication plan

Communications planning is not only a well documented plan. The process of creating a dynamic plan is equally important as it involves meaningful conversations with employees and stakeholders, as well as key audiences. Your plan sets the stage for an ongoing but well strategised series of events to keep your team on point and on target. And your prospects and customers engaged.





You’ve spent months developing your advanced product or services. Now it’s ready to hit the market, and you want to ensure its success. Your product launch plan contains all the essential information needed for your product launch. (market research and launch activities) Your go-to-market plan should be comprehensive and easily accessible for everyone involved in the launch.





The tactical marketing plan is “how we are going to do it” part of the plan. Tactical plans come in all shapes and sizes and are unique to you and your business objectives. Effective tactical marketing plans outline the tasks that must be undertaken to achieve the business objectives outlined in the strategic marketing plan.





Holding an event is one thing, but planning that event adds extra layers of complexity. A poorly organised event can be of more damage to the reputation of your business than having no event at all. Event Planning encompasses all aspects of the event, from its initial idea and conception stage through to the timetable for the event itself. Your event needs a clear and measurable goal.

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