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Some of Our work


PayPlaza - Corporate Brand REDESIGN

PayPlaza came to us for a whole new corporate identity. “It should be bold and fresh. Playful, but still professional”, they said. So that’s what we’ve delivered. Be A Legend covered the full scale of concept design to brand identity and PayPlaza’s new corporate website. And we’ve delivered a new UI design for PayPlaza Payment Acceptance App, both for the ECR and Stand-alone. Last but not least we’ve helped manage the internal and external rebranding roll-out.



Bankingblocks - Corporate Brochure

Bankingblocks requested us to design a corporate brochure.
A4, landscape 28-page gate-fold brochure

Showcasing Bankingblock’s company information. Including their modular banking, payment, technology and compliance blocks for fintech companies. And explanatory graphics.


eMerchantPay - Explainer Videos

For eMerchantPay we’ve delivered two explainer videos. We’ve used the brand identity and its colours which were relevant at that time. Nowadays they have a new brand identity but they still use both explainer videos. And they’ve reached up to 47.000 and 415.593 views.



Praktijk Close - Website

Sabina, the founder of Praktijk Close, came to Be A Legend with a request to build her new business website. The requirements were quite simple. The website should be responsive and easy to navigate. In terms of design, Praktijk Close preferred the website to be bright, colorful and easy to read. Most importantly, the website is friendly and inviting.


Booking - 25th birthday Logo & assets

We’ve been assigned by sPresso.nl to help manage various design projects. One of these projects involved the 25th birthday logo and brand assets. Booking launched this logo worldwide celebrating their 25th birthday. Together with sPresso we work for small, medium and corporate organisations. 



Kompas Wandelcoach - Website

Be A Legend built a new business website for Kompas Wandelcoach. Again the requirements were straightforward. The website should be responsive, simple and clean. But most importantly its visitors should feel safe and welcome. We’ve used pictures of nature of various seasons and golden yellow, orange braun, dark blue colours to support the calm and safe website experience. 


judobreda.nl - Website & photography

For Judovereniging Haagse Beemden Breda Be A Legend implemented a complete new website design. The main criteria for the website was to be mobile friendly.  Ultimately, we expanded the project with a photo image bank and a webshop.