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Are you ready to take you business to the next level?
Not afraid to experiment? Eager to get to know your customers even better?
Growth marketing is the process of conducting experiments to improve and optimise the results of your target audience. There are five basic growth strategies that you can employ to expand your business: market penetration, product development, market expansiondiversification and acquisition.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible!”
Audrey Hepburn

Growth marketing

A growth plan of action can help your business capture a larger share of the market. The type of growth strategy you should implement depends on factors such as your target market and the industry in which you engage.

If you want to do growth marketing well, there are basically two phases that you need to cover: Strategy and marketing operations. Growth marketing is a systematic process that combines strategic brand marketing with tactical performance marketing to acquire ideal customers and help them become so successful. Before you start experimenting, you need to know what metrics actually impact your company.  The types of metrics we can help you experiment on are split into six categories: awareness, acquisition, activation, revenue, retention and referral. 

Our Five Growth Modules

We offer five Growth Marketing Modules that you can pick and mix. If you need help with your content creation or web design. We can also offer you marketing automation, online marketing and event management growth support. We’ve got your back. 


Content & Design

Through effective content marketing, the reach of your business can be expanded. Your overall marketing strategy should be aligned with your, target audience, product or service, SEO and SEA, call-to-action, your content creation process and your promotional strategy. This will ensure that your content reaches the right audience and achieves the best results possible.


Web Design

You may like the look of complicated designs. But when designing for function simplicity will win out every time. Simple websites prove to convert better, load faster, are more mobile-friendly, cost less and reduce user frustration. You want your website to be informative and user-friendly. Less is more. Decision fatigue will kill your conversions.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be a powerful tool. It’s been shown to improve conversion rates by 200%. The technology is developing fast. Often used to automate repetitive tasks that are undertaken on a regular basis in a marketing campaign.  The goal of having successful customer experience set in place can be challenging if the strategy, tactics, and workflows are not in alignment.  



Online Campaigns

Online marketing is important because it helps your potential and existing customers to find you online and it can change the way your business is being received by your potential customers. Your business credibility can instantly get a boost by ranking high in search engine results pages, along with respected industry authorities.


Event Management

Event management can be of great value to get exposure and build a positive identity for your company. Events provide an incredible opportunity to promote your business. They not only serve by attracting an increasing number of prospective customers but also enable you to cultivate a sense of interest in the products and services you offer.